Nanna Rüster

M: +49 (0) 172 694 60 69

Nanna Rüster

M: +49 (0) 172 694 60 69

Leadership is communication.
Communication can be learned.

My Passion

My counselling work often begins with clarification processes: a clear positioning as a leader or functional role in an organisation; clear team assignments and visible orientation; clarification of goals and visions, recognition of learning areas…. and at the end there is a clear increase in your charisma and effectiveness and that of your team.

My task is to support you in fully penetrating your role as a leader and using it creatively with entrepreneurial ambition. I accompany you in change processes of all kinds with the aim of effectively combining strategic and communicative aspects.

My goal is to keep personalities “fit” for their appearance on the professional stage and thus to make optimal use of their sovereign charisma – entirely in the sense of “Next Level Leadership”.
One of my passions is to constantly adapt to different personalities, professional roles and their rules of the game. My drive is to shed light on individual blind spots in behaviour and communication. In doing so, I meet my clients with empathy and respect, but also with heartfelt directness. Persistence and discipline are as much a part of my work as courage, creativity and humour.

My focus is on the personal coaching of specialists and managers, including management teams, who shape and lead diverse transformation processes. In addition, I advise strategy and business unit leaders and accompany transformation paths in teams. Changes in organisational cultures – for example towards more agility or an efficient workflow in cross-functional teams – are triggers for my undertakings in different sectors.

Conflict coaching and working on resilience skills are increasingly part of my remit.


My Foundation

After graduating from the Rotterdamse Dansacademie, I studied management for art and culture in Utrecht. As the “Head of PR” of an IT start-up in Frankfurt am Main, I then spent four years helping to build up the company.

Since 2006 I have been working as a freelance coach (DCV approved) for various international corporations. In owner-managed companies and technical production and sales organisations as well as in creative and interdisciplinary companies, universities and purely agile enterprises. I have the “Scrum Master” certification and I am a certified business mediator (Zweisicht Freiburg).

Since 2015 I have been a partner of Upgrade Organisationsentwicklungspartner. I live in Frankfurt am Main and have two adult children. I speak English and Dutch in addition to my German mother tongue.

Besides all this I am involved in “junge deutsche fotografie” at “gute aussichten” and the Heike Strelow Gallery in Frankfurt.