Next Level Leadership

Next Level Leadership

What distinguishes excellent leaders from successful managers? What can they do better, what do they do differently? Which (new) leadership capabilities will be required in the future?

Questions that can only be answered in detail with regard to the environment, the industry, the specific company situation, the corporate culture. And yet: We see that some patterns of success and key skills, one could say “secret sources of very successful leadeship “, are emerging.

We have made a cautious estimate: training and coaching sessions with more than 3,000 managers from more than 30 companies have come together over the last 20 years. This allows a profound look behind the scenes of leadership practice and leadership personalities on the ground – beyond bullshit bingo and management fashions  – over trends and movements  that came and went – but often combined with a deep and trustful insight into what makes leadership tick, what executives can and cannot do so well, what convictions & values they hold, why they achieved success and what stumbling blocks they threw off balance.


We identify seven abilities that are behind great leadership:
Leadership Capabilities

Each of these abilities is nourished by learned basic beliefs, principles and rituals. With each of these 7 abilities, the personal repertoire, the convincing performance, the credibility and maturity is unsparingly revealed.

To work on this requires a clear view of one’s own actions and a deep understanding of what lies behind these abilities.

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